Autumn / Winter 2022 Trends

Autumn / Winter 2022 Trends

With a distinct change in the temperature, it’s time we started focusing on our autumnal colour pallets and cosy accents to ensure our homes are comforting and welcoming this season. So, wrap up and read on for some hints and tips to get you feeling warm and snuggly, and ready to take on winter.

Of course, it’s often easier to hint at trends rather than repainting or wallpapering your entire home and can easily be done by introducing simple accent pieces.



As can be expected with the onset of cooler climes, interior design will often nod towards tans, browns, and greens to bring a feeling of autumnal warmth to our homes. By exploring neutral interiors and keeping the colour palette limited you can create a cohesive, interesting space that helps you feel cocooned and centred. Opting for light browns that will be bright during the day but warm in the evening, and distributing this across the entire room will gently ease your space into the new season. 




Small accents can instantly bring about this change, such as this gorgeous Atelier border from Samuel & Sons, which is defined by a unique contrast between dense velvet and intricate embroidery to reveal a graphic, dimensional illustration in each pattern. Try it as a leading edge on window treatments, or a trim on cushions.


Tiles have long been used to introduce colour and pattern to areas of the home that are high traffic but uses are expanding as we see tiles adorning feature walls and with motifs and laying patterns being used more creatively. Using some imaginative design with tiling can have the power to totally transform a room. Try experimenting with bold colours and decors, and inspired layouts and patterns, which can be the perfect way to make a distinctive design statement that is uniquely individual – try a herringbone or hexagonal pattern for something striking, as we’ve done in our Chipperfield clients’, children’s bathroom, seen here.



This Autumn sees more of an introduction of self-expression in the home, and we are now seeing interior lovers creating homes that epitomise their personality.

The nature-inspired design schemes that proved most popular last year continue to hold firm - natural materials claim more space in homes with rattan continuing to be popular, but we are also seeing cane, bamboo and canvas making a big appearance, along with the usual suspects of warm wooden tones and cool marbles, as can been seen here with this this stunning bar, which is picking up on a whole load of design trends this season! 




There’s also a nod to a 70’s revival this Autumn / Winter, if that’s your cup of tea! This decor style is relaxed, fun and evocative of the free-spiritedness and optimism of the 70's era. Think eclectic mixes of textures and patterns, such as animal prints, furry shag pile rugs, velvet furnishings, geometric shapes, and soft curved edges. We love the styling by American Designer, Jonathan Adler, who’s always ahead of the curve with upcoming trends.



Farmhouse interiors and particularly farmhouse kitchens are a staple of the country home, epitomising simple living and a love of the outdoors.

Farmhouse style is unfussy and functional, full of pieces that are well used and loved. We are now seeing this trend coupled with a modern approach throughout the home, with minimalist elements that resemble Scandinavian design, striking the right balance between rustic and modern living, with contemporary aspects that reflect the embodiment of modern-day interiors, such as the very practical Henley kitchen, from Neptune. 



When it comes to accessories, you don’t have to overcrowd your space. If the goal is to create a calm environment, you don’t want clutter. Think carefully about the decoration and choose items that add substance to the room, such as lamps, rugs and cushions that bring light and texture, such as the Art Deco 2 rug from Nordic Knots, seen here. Picture frames, vases and mirrors are great for adding interesting visual elements.


Finally, to brighten things up, according to interior design research, we will be welcoming an injection of print and pattern into the home after what feels like an eternity of simple, yet admittedly elegant, minimalism. The resurgence of bold pattern and cheerful colour used in abundance in our homes feels comforting, nostalgic, and optimistic.

Adding bold patterns and colours to your interiors doesn’t have to feel daunting, it can be easy to do and can make your space feel sunnier and more energetic which is just what some of us need with the approaching shorter days. Try pairing geometric wallpaper, patterned rugs or accent cushions with light walls to highlight bold accents. We love this bight and sunny room by designers Barlow & Barlow ☀️ 

Hopefully this has given you a bit of design food for thought but, as ever, we would be delighted to advise you with design choices for your home if you need some help.

You can contact us on 01442 818122, or email and we would be happy to discuss your design aspirations with you. 

If you are considering a whole home redesign or perhaps you just need some help with sourcing furniture and accessories to fit your space, we are here to help guide you.