Morning everyone! Today I want to share with you one of my fascinations, wait for it… Doors!

When it comes to doors, the advice from an interior designer can help you to design a door that not only reflects the design language of a room, but also spells the transition through to any adjoining room. I have a pinboard of inspiration on my pintrest to get your creative juices going. But here are some of my favourite examples of beautiful doors…

I am always impressed with the high level of design, craftmanship and customer service Porta Romana delivers. Seeing how all of this is orchestrated at the Discovery Day, together with how the company has evolved over the past 30 years, has reaffirmed my love for this wonderful brand.

via Pintrest - David Kleinberg via Pintrest - David Kleinberg

This black lacquered door is set into a curved wall, and therefore follows the line of the wall. The doors have mirrored inset panels, which have been overlaid with a polished silver fretwork. The design is sublime! The proportions of doors and their features are perfectly scaled to the room and this is a prime example of how to use doors to amplify the rooms grandeur. These doors were for a Manhattan apartment designed by David Kleinberg. The silver door hardware is by Nanz.

Continuing the them of polished lacquer (yes - another fascination of mine!).. This dreamy door was designed by one of my interior design idols.. Parisian designer Jean-Louis Denoit. This double door is exquisitely simple. First, and foremost, the door is perfectly proportioned to the classic scale of the room. Jean-Louis Denoit has used this blue-grey hue and balanced it with matt-brass door ironmongery. The semi-circle push plates have lips extending vertically which is a clever use of design to create an illusion that the doors are taller than you would expect.

via Pintrest - Jean Louis Denoit via Pintrest - Jean Louis Denoit

The door architrave and skirting have been finished in a satin paint finish - which acts as a buffer - softening the door finish into it's surroundings. This is a truly fabulous example of how a door can transform a room.

via Pintrest - Jean Louis Denoit via Pintrest - Jean Louis Denoit

Finally, take a look at these statement double doors. Using a specialist metal finish, these doors draw the eye down the hallway. Picking up on the subtle pale blue tones of stone floor tiles and golden hues of the chair/painting frames. Starkly contrasted with deep indigo hues making these doors seem other worldly. They make me wonder what may lay on the other side… maybe just a coat cupboard?

via Pintrest via Pintrest

Either way the designer has fulfilled a very important task - to make a dramatic piece of art out of what would otherwise be something very dull. We have access to thousands of specialist metal finishes at our studio in Beaconsfield… let us create your dream door!