In Memoriam

9th of September 2022

Selfless and wise, our past Queen personified what it is to be British. With decency and tolerance encouraging all of us to be the best of ourselves and each other. Unifying us always with the most significant dignity and grace. Demonstrating what it is to be human and generous. A warm and kind-heated everlasting impression is left on our country, the commonwealth and the entire world.

The Queen shaped the last century deserving respect from so many, far and wide, devoting herself unreservedly to every one of us. Fulfilling her vow of honouring her service for each of us. Always a constant source of comfort and pride, our enduring admiration of seven decades of unprecedented reign. Personable and supportive, always with grace and incomparable power of her commitment to duty.

With an incredible sense of humour and wit, we all fell in love with our Queen and her naturalness at putting all of us at comfort and ease. She has shown us all to be comfortable in our own skin. Always a glint in her eye, always doing her best - boldly. She’d raise an eyebrow but always making everyone feeling welcome, no matter what their creed or culture. Her exemplary kindness and honour, the personal qualities that embraced everything she did as monarch.

God Rest Her Majesty The Queen.

God Bless King Charles III