Interior Design Studio

Setting up my own interior design studio has always been my dream and goal; however as time grew closer to moving into my new work-space in Beaconsfield - nerves certainly kicked in!

I began back in January by contacting every supplier, manufacturer and artisan in my black book of contacts to let them know I was setting up my own interior design studio and to send brochures and samples showcasing all their products. This started in my dining room - which quickly became a very unorganised and cluttered library! Whilst this was in progress I was finishing off two projects in Beaconsfield and Gerrard’s Cross. I needed to find a studio to showcase the vast variety of furniture, fabrics, finishes and materials as well as a space to work and meet clients. Therefore the space needed to be large enough to hold all the library as well as a meeting area, and space for 2-3 workstations. On went the search!

I decided to base myself in Beaconsfield as I feel there is a gap in the market that needed filling. Whilst I enjoy working on a variety of projects and of any size, my experience is in the luxury residential interior design arena. This is where clients are looking for something completely individual and unique. If the project allows; I am able to offer completely bespoke items including furniture, lighting, cabinetry, kitchens, bathrooms and the list goes on, have a look at my services. I have been fortunate enough to work for very talented designers who have passed on their experience and helped me hone my own style, as well as work with any style a client may wish to pursue. My technical knowledge allows me to work on the interior architecture of a house, as well as the furnishings – this permits me, if the client wishes, to push their homes’ boundaries. My main aim for interior design is to reflect not only the personalities of my clients, but more importantly, their lifestyles and how they wish to live in their home.

After two months of searching, I found the perfect space in Beaconsfield Old Town. The landlord said I was the fastest ever "Yes, I'll take it" - after about 5 seconds of standing in the studio.

Over the following months I contacted all my fabric suppliers to visit and I quickly built up a large library of fabric books as well as fabric samples boxes. By June the interior design studio was brimming with all the ingredients necessary for the creation and implementation of a full interior design scheme. I have been very fortunate enough to have had some luck and began work on some really interesting projects. I have had clients who wish to be completely involved in the design process, and some who would rather not have any input at all – the variety of clients keeps the job interesting… another aspect I love about interior design.

I love having visitors so please call in if you would like to check out the interior desgin studio or have an enquiry about my services. It's always best to call ahead and let me know you are coming, as I am often on site or in meetings

To view a slideshow of an example design project click here…