Interior Design Trends 2023

January 2023

Interior Design Trends 2023

This year will see designers having a bit of fun and frivolity with design. Interior trends are embracing a bit of whimsy in the form of playful and fun dressing, looking towards a refreshed colour palette to bring about warmth, comfort, and relaxation, as well as the nod to the 1970’s that we saw last year.

Maximalism and quirkiness

We are set to see interior design that pushes the usual, conventional boundaries, and this sees much in the way of a maximalism design trend, experimenting with patterns and rich colour schemes. The deco period has been important to design for several years, and we are now looking to expressionism and cubism for bold inspiration. We can also expect to see more in the way of weird and quirky designs coming through, think Haas Brothers.

Bold prints and Colour

Introducing colour and pattern into your home has been coined “Dopamine décor” and reflects the tactile design elements we introduce to make us feel happier. This year we are certainly set to see homes that are drenched in colour and moves away from the natural colour palette of previous years. Experimenting with darker tones and bold hues adds depth to your space. You can start off with small things, such as introducing a print here and a coloured piece of furniture there, or you might fully commit to vivid colours, such as zesty yellows, punchy pinks, and brilliant blues to dress homes and evoke feelings of happiness. Give your space a boost with punchy colours, look-at-me art, dreamlike wallpapers and mood-lifting accents.

Upholstered Walls

We’ve been heralding this style for a while now, but this is a trend that looks to be really catching on.

By upholstering walls, you can create the ultimate statement of opulence and luxury as the richness drenches the room in nothing but pure, unrivalled style. Plus, not only does applying a wallcovering provide a tactile warmth, it also provides a quiet space through soundproofing.

Power papers

Statement wallpaper, often reserved for the guest cloakroom, is hitting the big time in 2023. And it’s not just straightforward printed paper: interior designers are using silk, hessian and trompe l’oeil illustrations on walls to make a serious splash. Abstract statement wallpapers are looking to become increasingly trendy over the coming months, with “surreal, imaginary landscapes” being particularly in vogue. We especially love “Mythical land” designed by Kit Kemp, where detailed realism is mixed with dusky fable and leads you through a captivating story where possibility is endless and energy is rife. 

Rich and textured fabrics

Our sense of touch was particularly deprived throughout the pandemic, therefore, in response to that it looks to become increasingly important for designers to make use of materials that bring a tactile edge to interior design schemes and to devise spaces that provoke an emotion in its users. The wellbeing of those living in our created designs has become ever more considered. Warm hues will continue to dominate over cooler colour palettes in 2023.

Maximum Comfort

Curves and rounded forms on furniture and soft tones on finishes that offer reassurance and respite will be an important aspect of interior design. It’s not surprising really after the stresses and strains felt over the pandemic years that we want our homes to feel like a tranquil sanctuary, particularly in the bedroom and living room where we feel optimum relaxation through plush soft furnishings. In application this converts to lots and lots of warm neutrals. Lovers of gold accents, warm wood tones and cream sofas rejoice!

Bold and colourful marbles will be particularly popular, especially to make a statement on worktops. Dining spaces will also make a huge comeback – perfect for those looking to entertain once again.

One of our favourite marble colours is the green “Verde Fantastico” by Porta Romana.                          

Sustainability now a necessity

Designers are more focused on sustainability than ever before and will continue to find ways to make sure it is considered and adapted throughout the life cycle of a project. 

Research published in the International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment explains that environmentally sustainable interior design concerns the use of aesthetic principles and strategies that provide benefits on a global scale.

Sustainability will continue to live at the forefront of all design conversations and innovations. We’re even seeing more interest in the rise of mushroom leather! Watch this space for new and innovative ways to reduce waste, recycle and energy efficiency.