Reflections Copenhagen

29th of July 2020

We are so excited to be introducing a really special new brand to our treasure troves at Tobias Oliver Interiors - Reflections Copenhagen

This stunning crystal brand has been created using an autonomous experimenting design approach and use of strong materials. 

Pioneering the creative field to give the highest aesthetic designs, Reflections Copenhagen unite exquisite materials and geometric shapes to form functional art objects.

The Reflections Copenhagen designs are balanced to challenge the traditional styles, colours and shapes of today’s décor by adding new dimensions and possibilities to interior decorating.

There is a diverse range of exquisite products from the Danish brand. From candle holders and tealights, to these stunning perfume flacons which emulate traditional glamour from the Art Deco era of the 1920's. 

All products have been individually hand produced with unique artisan techniques, therefore any irregularities and inconsistencies are part of the particular handcrafted character and elegance.


The vases from Reflections Copenhagen are incredibly unique, representing an alternative universe that offers contrasts between light and darkness, contemporary and traditional, art and functionality.

Here we can see the stunningly beautiful Manhattan and Grand Manhattan vases, alongside the equally alluring Utah vase ?


If you're looking for a statement piece that just oozes decadence and old-school glamour then it has to be the Detroit coffee table. Each detail unveils a different emotion, joy, surprise and nostalgia ?

The table is contemporary by creative interpretation - an uncensored aesthetic where each element in the table has its own power and expression. It's made of solid crystal, which is why we are just amazed at the VERY reasonable price for such a unique piece of crystal ?

Three colourful geometric shaped legs, each unique in its own right, elegantly meet the blue tabletop with edge engraved stripes.

The Detroit table brings forward fresh and different opportunities for use and styling. It is absolutely exquisite and is a true statement piece that is really saying something!


A Match Made in Heaven - that’s what you can call the design collaboration between Reflections Copenhagen and Design By Us, who have many years of expertise in decorative lighting.

The two design companies have put their creative minds together and created this unique series of lamps, CARNIVAL: a festive parade of fine hand cut crystal pendants. 

Reflections Copenhagen, founded in 2015, is a collaboration between the Danish designers: Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson.

Reflections Copenhagen Founders, Julie and Andrea Reflections Copenhagen Founders, Julie and Andrea

The initial idea to create Reflections Copenhagen came out of the mutual feeling that there was a need for something different, something to counteract the traditional and a desire to be able to create a fusion of dynamic Reflections, which appeal to unconventional ways of using the perfect combination of decór and art.

"We challenge ‘mass’ perception and production in all our design with a sustainable mindset, by contributing with high-quality designs, which sum up perspectives of how to provide new expressions through strength and form that lasts for generations" explain the founders.

Welcome to the world of Reflections Copenhagen.