We are a multi-award-winning interior design studio with full accreditation to the BIID and SBID ®

Tobias Oliver Interiors operates out of a beautiful building, built in 1865, on Berkhamsted High Street in Hertforshire. We offer an all encompassing luxury interior design service, including product sourcing, creating bespoke furniture and cabinetry, and home accessorising. We provide access to luxury design in our local community, throughout the UK and overseas, showcasing the latest trends from world-class leading brands in furniture, lighting and accessories.  


We are a highly creative multi-award-winning interior design studio, providing solutions to meet and often surpass our clients design aspirations. We work on a multitude of projects, ranging from; designing one unique piece of bespoke furniture that brings an entire existing room scheme together; to the other end of the spectrum, working on large scale homes both nationally and internationally. We are always excited to receive new clients, and the challenges they present us with - each project will have its own design nuances. We are experts at tonal interiors, creating spaces that flow harmoniously. We tend to try and avoid fads and trends, steering our clients towards timeless, elegant and original designs where a combination of elements compliment each other.


We often have clients seeking specific and bespoke items of furniture, lighting, antiques or accessories. Our main passion is to search for the most innovative and individual designs on a global scale and bring back these treasured finds to present to our clients. Through this dedication we have developed an expansive knowledge base to draw upon, enabling us to exceed our clients original requirements, but also to offer further suggestions the client may not have previously considered.


We are experts at creating carefully considered bespoke cabinetry and furniture. Cabinetry encompasses home studies, bookshelves, dressing rooms, wardrobes, kitchens, bathroom vanity units and so on. Our main goal is to give the impression the cabinetry was considered at the same point the room was first designed. An example of this, is where we bring the cornice to the front edge of the cabinetry - this meeting point of interior architecture and interior design is a crucial element to any project's success.

Home Accessorising

Busy lifestyles can leave little time for our clients to seek out accessories for their homes - accessories that compliment not only their interiors, but also their lifestyles. These often are not just items of beauty, but also serve a functional purpose. We have developed strong relationships with leading global brands, providing exceptional design to reflect the aspirational lifestyles of our clients. We also offer bespoke soft furnishings that work perfectly in our client's properties.

Personal Shopping Experience

Immerse yourself into a world of tailored luxury with the personalised shopping experience at Tobias Oliver Interiors. Our dedicated team of expert designers at TOI understands that each individual possesses a distinct taste and vision for their home. That's why we've crafted an exclusive personal shopping experience, where your preference takes centre stage.

Wedding Gift List Experience

Step into the world of luxury and style at Tobias Oliver Interiors, where crafting your dream wedding gift list becomes an unforgettable experience for couples.