Interior Design Showroom

We are opening our new interior design showroom and design studio on Berkhamsted High Street in early Summer 2019.

Why us?

Londoners have the amenity of luxury department stores and especially interior design showrooms in most affluent neighbourhoods in central London. We are bringing this resource to Berkhamsted High Street; making exceptional design accessible to our community.

Where will the showroom be?

We will be located at 85-87 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 2DF. We are currently renovating the building, which is due to complete in May 2019.

Why are we opening this interior design showroom?

There is an inherent impression that interior design centres are filled with exclusive interior design showrooms showcasing the latest designs from the finest furniture and décor companies - but only catering to the rich and famous. However, there is an increasing trend of savvy middle-class clients who would rather invest in design by buying once and buying right. This can be a challenging and time-consuming process whereby it is becoming more widely apparent that using an interior designer can save on both time and cost.

Mostly, access to the products displayed in these interior design showrooms is only granted to "the Trade" - which refers to carefully selected licensed interior designers and architects.

Access to 'trade only' at our interior design showroom

We found that after setting up our design studio three years ago in Beaconsfield - we had an increasing number of enquiries regarding the sourcing of specific items of furniture, lighting, décor and accessories. Whereby these potential customers were seeking our specialist advice and direction in finding specific items - understanding that the ‘trade only’ suppliers we work with have a noticeable difference in quality – as well as limitless customisation options.

This, balanced with our professional experience and long-standing relationships with our trusted suppliers, provides the Client with the reassurance their decision to purchase has been a proficiently considered one.

As a predominantly service driven interior design business, our work leaned towards working on a whole project basis. Unfortunately, this did not leave enough time to cater for all types of enquiries. Hence, it made logical sense that given the right opportunity - opening an interior design showroom in the right location would offer our customers unlimited access to our suppliers on a retail basis.

What we will offer?

Our interior design showroom will showcase the latest trends from world-class leading brands in furniture, lighting and accessories. These are updated every Spring and Autumn. We have designed the showroom such that it could be a show apartment - with examples of types of the bespoke fitted cabinetry that we are often commissioned to create. There will also be displays of many types of finishes and materials throughout the showroom design to assist customers with their design decisions.


Most furniture you will see in our interior design showroom is only a small sampling of what is truly available – but these help in providing the level of quality to be expected for our Clients. We also hold hundreds of sample finishes for all our products, allowing our Clients the opportunity to design exactly what they are looking for.

Another resource our Clients will enjoy is our diverse design library and access to trade only websites to showcase other products available from any brand. For example, you love the look and finish of a console table in our showroom but wish to use the same design for a dressing table? We can make it.

Sampling and Fabric Room

Our showroom is a design resource for you, our Client. We have thousands of fabrics and finishes to choose from. Any sample you require we can give you or have made if you are looking for something totally unique. We will have a fabric room next to our design studio on the first floor - we supply a wide-ranging choice of fabrics and wallpapers in our sample books; ready for your perusal.

Master Class

As your local design resource - we plan to provide master classes at our interior design showroom to our local Clientele. Catering from soft-furnishings to design schemes and accessorising. If there is something in particular you would feel a class master class would benefit from, please let us know - we would be happy to accommodate your wishes.