Interior Design vs. Covid19

14th of April 2020

In our ever-changing landscape it is clear many companies from all types of industries are in crisis mode with the uncertainty stirred up by this global pandemic.

How does this affect the interior design world?

Of course,  times like these are testament to small businesses / entrepreneurs that work within the architecture and interior design arena.  We adapt and change as much as possible to work through this period – however, ultimately the health and well-being of all who we work with, is our main priority.  This means we are taking time to pause and reflect on our business services and look at how to ways to improve on those, as well as innovate and create new ideas and ways of traversing through the next few months keeping positive and realistic as possible.

How can interior design have an impact on your life?

Great interior design can offer homes a soothing and supportive environment in times such as these; but also bring fascination, excitement and festivity in times of jubilance.  This is what brings interior designers and architects such gratification in their profession – creating experiences in our homes which positively impact our interior lives and lifestyles.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation…

Typically, we many of us would normally go on a holiday, head to a spa, the beach or mountains to relax and rejuvenate.  We know this will have a profoundly positive effect on our general well-being.  But since those trips and experiences aren’t happening at this current moment in time, the public are becoming more aware of how their homes atmosphere and interior design can have a significant effect on their mood.  Qualified interior designers have the knowledge and understanding of how to create a sanctuary for your soul in your own home.

Effect on our nervous system…

Our nervous system is significantly affected by our surrounding environment.  We react and respond, consciously or subconsciously, with the production of stress hormones.  There are significant amounts of scientific research into how interior design has a substantial effect on our nervous systems and stress levels and that interior design has a highly positive psychological influence on our everyday lives.  Needless to say, no one needs those extra stress hormones at times such as these!

Therefore, whilst there is a serious short-term impact, we can look at how the  consequences can help us look at the longer-term benefits.  In the last few weeks I have been speaking with colleagues across all aspects of the industry who believe that during this time we are all sequestered at home, people will be instinctually wanting to seek how to improve their surroundings through the guidance of professionals.  In the meantime, there’s a few things you can be doing right now create calm and serenity in your home, which you can read about here in our previous news post. Or you could contact us directly for an informal chat or take advantage of our new E-Design service.

In the meantime…

What is becoming ever paramount is now is the time to cherish our families and loved ones even more, rethink our personal and business long term goals, and embrace our homes – because we will be stuck here for a while, think about how your home influences your wellbeing and outlook on life.

Finally, the importance of self-care both mentally and physically, looking out for one another and supporting our NHS by staying home and saving lives means all of these objectives will pave the way for the positive future ahead of us.